• Poster of the Drought!

    December 2011

    The poster of The Drought is ready!


    October-November 2011

    I was hired to fly up north to Nunavik and teach a video workshop in an Inuit and Cree community. 

    Visit the ARTCO website to see some of the results of these workshops.

    Post-prod grant!

    July 2011

    We got a grant from the CALQ to finish the post production of the film The Drought!

  • Production Grant!

    January 2011

    We got a grant from the CALQ to start the production of the film The Drought!

    Vivacité Montreal Grant!

    Got a grant from Vivacité Montreal to write the script of the short film Balserito!

  • Welcome to the multimedia universe dedicated to the art of cross-platform social media marketing. It's here that marketing and activism intersect. A profound desire for innovation and social responsibility drive my creations. I draw on a range of multimedia tools to bring this to fruition. I enjoy building networks of people: helping them to discover unexplored universes, challenging them to reflect on new ideas and adopt new approaches.

  • These are some of the examples of the commercial work I've done and that is worth to show.

  • I’m a young professional with diverse experiences producing and directing film, TV, and advertising. I also leverage an in-depth understanding of interactive media and social media networking. The interactive revolution produced new languages ​​and new ways of telling stories. I am trained in both fields and  I can bring them together in a creative way. I work in English, French and Spanish.

  • I look to contribute to an audio-visual culture that is rational, critical, thoughtful, and socially relevant, which contributes to the understanding of our reality. One of the objectives I have when doing my work is to foster social development, to spread culture and tradition, promote human rights, diffuse scientific understanding and stimulate artistic creativity.

  • Diego Rivera-Kohn is a film and interactive media director-producer based in Montreal, Quebec. He completed a Masters in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal and graduated from the prestigious Interactive Media training program at the Institut National de l’Image et du Son (I.N.I.S.) in Montreal, Canada.

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    • Bourse Quebecor pour la diversité culturelle. Interactive Media 2010
    • CALQ. Post-production Grant. The Drought short film. 2011
    • CALQ. Production Grant. The Drought short film. 2010

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ARTCO is a project led by Kingulliit Productions and IsumaTV that engages children and youth across cultural divisions to use 2.0 digital media to share experience, resolve common problems and find new ways to communicate across old barriers toward a better future.

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Street children video workshop

This documentary shows some of the results and experiences of a photography and video workshop imparted to a group of street-kids in a poor neighbourhood of the biggest city in the world. In addition to being the main characters, these guys to a great extent produced this work.

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